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Jacked Rabbit Plates

Jacked Rabbit Flexible Trainer Plates (Pair)

Jacked Rabbit Flexible Trainer Plates (Pair)

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Jacked Rabbit Flexible Trainer Plates (SOLD AS A PAIR)

These rugged yet flexible plates were created to solve the needs of the tactical athlete. Unlike standard steel trainer plates, our weighted inserts are filled with steel shot allowing them to form and flex with the athlete without being bulky like traditional "sand plate" options. 

Weight Options

7lb: 2x 7lb/Plate (14lb Pair)

5.5lb: 2x 5.5lb/Plate (11lb Pair)

Combo: 1x 7lb plate, 1x 5.5lb plate (12.5lb Pair)

*weight tolerance per plate is +/- 1oz. 


These plates are approximately 9" in width, 12" in length and 0.75" thick. They will fit Medium sized plate carriers (or larger) designed for 10"x12" plates.


Lead Time :

This product is currently made to order. Current lead time is 10-15 business days.


These are weighted inserts and are not ballistic plates. This product is not intended or designed for personal protection.



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